A Man Behind Hemp Australia

A Man Behind Hemp Australia

What is Cannalise and who is its founder?

Cannalise is a brand of hemp-based tableware that is about to launch its first range in the UK. The founder and CEO of Hemp Australia, Jeffrey Tang, is the man behind Cannalise. He describes himself as a "self-made" industrial hemp entrepreneur and has been working in the cannabis industry since 2013. His goal has been to raise awareness of the industry and to develop healthy, high quality and environmentally sustainable products. He believes that the cannabis industry has the potential to change and save the planet.

What is the motivation behind Cannalise?

According to Jeffrey Tang, the name Cannalise stands for cannabis civilized, legalized, and socialized. The motivation behind Cannalise is to create a sustainable, eco-friendly product line made from 100% natural hemp and other plant fibers. The products are designed to be widely used across communities without any regulatory issues.

How are Cannalise products made?

Cannalise products are made by binding 100% natural hemp and other plant fibers and starches together using very high pressure, without using any chemicals or plastic glue. The product density is very high, making it extremely durable and tough. It is also 100% biodegradable, and it can degrade by up to 92% within 65 days.

Why is hemp a good material for a product range like this?

Hemp is one of the strongest and most durable fibers available today, making it suitable for a wide range of products. It needs less land to grow than other crops and can grow in many different climates and soil types. It grows fast and can be harvested up to three times per year. Hemp also possesses a natural resistance to many insects and requires very little water. It takes 60 to 70% of the nutrients it needs from the soil.

What are the benefits of Cannalise compared to other commonly used manufactured materials?

Cannalise products made from hemp-based composites have several benefits over products made from petroleum-based plastics. Hemp bioplastic material is not made from fossil fuels and does not produce carbon dioxide when it composts. It is also reusable and biodegradable, making it better for the environment.

Will Cannalise products be more expensive than traditional products?

As with any new industrial product line, the initial cost may be higher than traditional products. However, as hemp cultivation becomes more popular, the supply will become cheaper, and the average cost will be lower. The price will also be reduced if there are incentives from communities and governments to push the use of sustainable products.

Why is now the right time to launch a product range like Cannalise?

Cannalise is launching three sets initially: the family set, the kids set, and the portable set, which is very handy for traveling and camping. It is lightweight, not fragile, and does not pollute the environment. Jeffrey Tang believes that post-pandemic, people are more aware of hygiene and prefer to use their own dinnerware when they travel, go to a restaurant or take an airplane.

How does Jeffrey Tang hope Cannalise will create a wider conversation about cannabis?

Jeffrey Tang hopes that Cannalise will set a good example of how cannabis or hemp products can get into people's homes without stigma. He believes that Cannalise can create a wider conversation about the many benefits of cannabis and hemp products, and how they can benefit society in a healthy, high quality, and environmentally sustainable way.

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